NeurIPS 2023

Make sure to check out the paper “Discovering Latent Causes and Memory Modification: A Computational Approach Using Symmetry and Geometry” accepted at #NeurIPS2023 workshop #NeurReps! ✨

The pursuit of identifying patterns is a central theme of computational biology. This can be seen in tasks such as recognizing cell types in advanced bioimaging or identifying genetic fingerprints. But there is no such uniform definition of „pattern“! Actually, a pattern can be found in everything. But how can it be meaningfully restricted? One has to realize that we are biased and restricted by definition as humans and observers.

Our DNTOX AI researcher and co-founder Arif Dönmez introduces a rigorous human-centered approach to „pattern“. 🚀

Find the full paper here 📑➡

📅: Make sure to check out his poster presentation at #NeurIPS in New Orleans, USA, on Saturday, December 16, from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm CST.

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